My Philosophy


  that the most important goal in lessons is fostering an enjoyment for music that lasts a lifetime.  Whether students go on to be professional musicians or play for their own enjoyment is up to them.   My job is to help them develop the necessary skills so that music is part of their life.

  in building relationships with my students, and creating a positive learning environment.  Different learning styles will be accommodated in my studio, and an understanding of each student’s learning style is important.  I like to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and adapt to them without compromising excellence, to both nurture the strengths and strengthen the weaknesses. 

  that playing music should be fun!  While developing technique is important, I also like to assign a variety of repertoire that caters to each student’s preference in musical genre.  Interest in their repertoire is the best self-motivator for students. Getting them to practice is the key to success!